[TUT] unlock FAQ thường mới 2016

[TUT] unlock FAQ thường mới 2016
Bước 1: Fake IP Hà Lan, Ngôn ngữ Anh (US) nhé !!!
Bước 2: Vào các link sau 
Bước 3: Kháng và bạn rep mail như sau[post_ad]
Hello team supports unlock Facebook. Unfortunately, my account a mistake Frequently Asked Questions. And I do not understand the causes that account so I became. I can prove my account completely clean:My name: .......... (Real name)My birth date: ../../.....Problems I encountered: Frequently Asked Questions .My Facebook Url: fb.com/.....Email account on my Facebook: .....@gmail.comThe number of my identity card in Vietnam by the government provide :I think this is a certain small error on my account. Please open my Facebook again after the real information that I provided. This account is very important to me because my aunt and uncle were on their way from the United States in Vietnam and phone number and the time of reception in Facebook messages. Thanks for the support Facebook.
Bước 4: Nếu nó đòi thêm GPLX thì fake rồi điền như sau vô
Well , this is my copy . Driver's license , identification card citizen . Consider and reopen my account.
Bước 5: Chờ đợi thôi nào. Chúc bạn thành công !

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